2015 and Beyond

What a year healthcare has seen. We have been highlighting throughout 2014 some of the biggest changes that have occured in this ever-changing industry. Back in April we picked our main healthcare topics to discuss throughout the year: Advanced Practice providers and the primary care shortage, demand in temporary healthcare providers, and healthcare IT (ICD-10, Meaningful Use).

In 2014 we’ve seen the changes within these topics vary from solving past problems to creating more problems. But one thing that has been prominent in all of this is the constant need to change and strive for a better solution.

Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants have, from the beginning, been playing a big role in the primary care shortage, but is predicted to be an even greater solution than anyone could have imagined.  NP and PA staffing is up 22% and projected to increase to 86% – the largest growth market in the staffing industry. This is partly due to the fact that 98% of those who signed up for the Obama Care or Accountable Care Act (ACA) are still in need of care.

Locum Tenens staffing, or temporary staffing, has seen an increase of 6%, but even more so in the Emergency Department at 30%. As more people get coverage, the demand to fill those gaps and shifts will continue to grow in 2015.

And healthcare IT has seen its fair share of deadline dates changed and deadlines passed. 2015 introduces a redirection for Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 3 (said to begin 2017), which will “focus on improving healthcare outcomes and further advancing interoperability.”

ICD-10 testing has seen another deadline extension providing providers with extra time to apply this month. The new deadline is set for January 21. What this means is organizations that are participating must “submit future-dated claims and give National Provider Identifiers, Provider Transaction Access Numbers and beneficiary Health Insurance Claim Numbers that will be used for test claims.”

There is a lot of hope placed in this next year with the ACA predicting a decline in the uninsured, healthcare IT due dates, demand shifts and more. Throughout the year we will be highlighting the following topics: Telemedicine, staffing role changes, healthcare in retail, and healthcare IT’s ICD-10 launch date (October 1) as well as MU stage changes.

We are exciting to cover these with you and also any added topics that come into fruition this year. 2015 is set up to be healthcare’s best year yet.

What types of topics would you like to see covered in 2015?