20 Happiest Cities to Work in 2016

20 Happiest Cities to Work in 2016

Do you want to work in one of America’s happiest cities?

CareerBliss, a company focused on tracking the financial and emotional satisfaction of jobs for employees and job seekers across the country recently released a list of happiest cities to work in across the U.S.

Topping the list this year from thousands of surveyed participants is Miami. As CareerBliss CEO and Chief Happiness Officer, Heidi Golledge said in a released statement, “Miami’s growing technology scene alongside some of the world’s best beaches is in a position to become a major technology hub.”

Other cities in the top five include Jersey City, NJ; Mountain View, CA; Brooklyn, NY; and San Jose, CA. The state of California had the most cities on the list with five.

Here are top 20:

  1. Miami, Florida avg. salary $63, 825
  2. Jersey City, New Jersey avg. salary $78,107
  3. Mountain View, California avg. salary $91,733
  4. Brooklyn, New York avg. salary $53, 907
  5. San Jose, California avg. salary $96, 209
  6. Redmond, Washington avg. salary $104, 199
  7. Los Angeles, California avg. salary $75, 005
  8. Arlington, Virginia avg. salary $90, 391
  9. San Francisco, California avg. salary $71, 138
  10. Buffalo, New York avg. salary $48, 457
  11. Dallas, Texas avg. salary $74,655
  12. San Diego, California avg. salary $77, 367
  13. Baltimore, Maryland avg. salary $66,539
  14. Washington, D.C. avg. salary $74, 110
  15. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania avg. salary $61, 267
  16. Nashville, Tennessee avg. salary $63, 420
  17. Boston, Massachusetts avg. salary $74,910
  18. New York, New York avg. salary $75,484
  19. Kansas City, Missouri avg. salary $67,367
  20. Ann Arbor, Michigan avg. salary $63,528

To determine the happiest and unhappiest places to work, the methodology used took a look at eight key factors that can influence an employee’s contentment, including work-life balance, an employee’s relationship with his or her boss and co-workers, general work environment, compensation, opportunities for advancement, company culture, reputation, and resources. The data accounts for how an employee values each factor as well as how important that factor is to the employee’s overall happiness.

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